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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Corkscrew Braids

Hey Curlies!

Hope you have a good weekend? Mine was very interesting, my best friend had a function and she appointed me 'preacher of the day'. I guess you never your hidden talent until you take your chances. Watch out y'all, here comes the next Joyce Meyer :-) I have this spiritual side of me that i let loose once in a while, i think I'll join a ministry in my church and see how i can serve God.

Anyhoo, I put in braids a few days ago and I've been planning on sharing the photos for your comments. The braids are called 'corkscrew', these are not your traditional braids, they are actually made and mostly used as extensions sewn on cornrows. I discovered a few years back that they can be used to braid if you cut them shorter, split them vertically and braid only at the roots. This methods leaves you with a huge 'afro' to play with.  You can wear them down or in a puff. I don't  how to explain better without a tutorial, maybe some photos will help:)

This is how each braid looks...I've braided just at the roots and let the curls hang

This is the reason they're called 'corkscrew'. They look this way before being split and braided.

Afro Puff

Puff with a scarf

They you go ladies! Please give me some feed back on what you think about this style. What i love most about it is its versatility, there's so much i can do with it. As for maintenance, its as simple as spraying my home-made spritz of tap water, rose water, Organics Best Africa Curl Keeper Leave-in Conditioner, glycerine, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and almond oil all shaken together.

Have a lovely week and grow those tresses!



  1. Love it!!!!!

    This looks great - now I want to get this done. However, the braids look quite thick - I don't know if my weak edges at the front and side can handle them. Are the braids heavy?

  2. @Maria-Thanks doll:) The braids are not heavy and they can be as thin as you want them to be. Its just like Afro Kinky, the way nowadays you can split them lengthwise and make them thinner. As a matter of fact, you can't use corkscrew the way they're sold, they're too thick, you have to split them. For mine, i split each 'braid' into 3 to achieve that thickness. You can use one braid to experiment with you stylist until you achieve the desired size.

  3. I like them,especially in the fro.Can they be done smaller?

    What eyeshadows are you wearing? The color payoff is great. Love it.

  4. @Shiks- Thanx my dear, yes they can as small as you'd like them. See my response above to Maria.
    The eyeshadow is actually an eye/lip liner..I'm glad u liked it:) The brand is Davis, can find it in most beauty shops in Nairobi, its the most common of them all.

  5. I have the blue and green of those,I wear them as eyeliner with a nude lipstick.

    You are a braiding wikipedia. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  6. @Shiks- Lol@ Braiding wikipedia:) Compliment taken. I'll be shopping around to see what else i'll do next. Thanx for stopping by my blog:)

  7. Wow curly -you go girl!you are looking so pretty as always!Love the different ways you wear that hair- it looks like a different hairdo in each pic!Totaly creative.

  8. @EW- Thanx dear and thanx for taking me shopping:-)

  9. nice i'm going to look out for these braids. might even print out this page to take to the braiders lol

  10. @Maria- Feel free to print it out:) Btw, you can only find these braids in downtown shops, apparently they're too 'shady' for uptown beauty! I got mine at Best Lady, Ronald Ngala Street after 2 weeks of searching.

  11. Ah this might be my next style :)

  12. @Kuzakai-The more the merrier:) Pliz share photos when you wear it.

  13. I was wanting to know the name of the corkscrew hair in this pic? Are you aware of where this hair can be found?

  14. @Ebonleyes- The name of the braid is actually 'corkscrew' and the brand is 'Darling'. I'm not sure which country u live but here in Kenya, i had to find them in downtown shops as they are actually not very common/popular.